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 24/02/20 The lyric quest, the robbery quest, and the veld upgrade all got
          some love today, and a two bugs in felldwarf have been fixed.
 16/02/20 Jaakan has been working on: the lyric quest, the veld upgrade, the
          bank robbery event/quest.  He got annoyed with himself for forgetting
          some of the ideas he had for puzzles.
 07/02/20 Further work done on archery over the past few days, you can now
          FILL QUIVER ICE or other types of ammo, if they're available.  In
          other news, Jaakan has fixed a couple of crashbugs and typos.
 30/01/20 Finished indenting parse.c, making a few small changes here and
          there.  FancyPants then noticed several things about picklock that he
          didn't like, so they got fixed, updated to live and rebooted in.
          This is a gross simplification as Jaakan ended up virtually rewriting
          it and fixing several zonefiles.  Fun.
 29/01/20 Work on archery carries on... DROP ARROWS/DROP BOLTS/DROP ALL ARROWS
          working okay.  GET also working.  Archery_give needs a rewrite.  For
          no good reason Jaakan started properly indenting parse.c and changed
          some of the function names to fit in with the standard 7DOF way of
          naming things.  Obsessive compulsive? Possibly.
 27/01/20 Hurrah, archery_reload is working the way it should be.  Drop is not,
          and DROP BOLTS dropped -1 bolt, thus creating an arrow in the rack.
          It's coming on, slowly.
 25/01/20 Archery once again being worked on, rewrote some of the arrow
          handling code, and also fiddled with reload which is playing up.
          Morkarn was very helpful in testing the code.
 22/01/20 Archery took top billing on Jaakan's time today, some progress was
          made, but there are still further things to be done before release.
 20/01/20 A lot more stuff done to archery today.  There was a crash earlier,
          but the syslog and the core files were highly unhelpful.  Jaakan
          particularly hates that.  The sword of Damocles is hanging over his