7DOF Powers
                    ----7 Degrees of Freedom Powers----

Nalal the god:

Nalal is the founder and was the chief coder of 7 Degrees of Freedom.
He was responsible for managing the development of the mud.
Nobody really knows why he wasn't demoted.

Jaakan the god:

Jaakan is responsible for some of the most vicious and evil quests ever
to grace 7 Degrees of Freedom.  He works extremely hard to generate high
quality quests and zones but feels it's all worth it whenever he sees
a player dying in one of them.

Athagos the Demigod:

In addition to being an able runner and a source of ideas, Athagos is an
excellent developer and his ability to squash bugs is beyond compare.  He
also has many fights with Jaakan about indentation.

Thalia the Avatar:

Thalia is one of the few players who reached the exalted level of MasterWizard,
with very little help from anyone else.  She helps Jaakan and Vampyra with
development and is very focused on providing a good in-game experience for

Vampyra the Avatar:

Vampyra has tremendous commitment to the MUD.  She continues to help with
in-game issues, and also helps with development.  Vampyra is also amazingly
skilled in colouring.  She currently looks after the HELP files and
all of the various INFO files.

Kamura the Avatar:

Kamura is a devoted player and currently controls the 7DOF bugs and ideas
pages, giving other powers a good dose of motivation for problem solving.
She is also developing new zones for the MUD and is keen to test new features.
Next to Jaakan she is the power most likely to misline.

Dani the ArchWizard:

In addition to being one of our most loyal runners, Dani has been heavily
involved in testing, and is a good sounding board for new ideas and concepts.
She is currently responsible for in-game player issues, policies, and complaints.

Lynda the Prophet:

Lynda is a very enthusiastic contributor and is invaluable when it comes to
testing new features and giving constructive feedback.  She is keen to help
newer players and is good at seeing things from a player's perspective.

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