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Extracts from the 7DOF code

If you laugh you have too much spare time on your hands. :)

/* Who was the plonker that wrote all this duration crap???
                        -Nalal */

/* Pirate zone specials, ripped off wholesale from c-dirt by Nalal with
very little modification, that's the sort of quest I like to code */

 /* Doh - had to write this special myself, just can't find the help
these days - Nalal */

/* You should have coded it properly in the first place, so I don't have
to fix it now! - Swineherd */

/* These three lines stop the processor being eaten by the big bad
processor eating monster - Nalal */

t[MAX_COM_LEN-40]=0;    /* This line is such a bodge */

main (int argc, char **argv /*, char **ep */)
  int fd, x;

  /* envp = ep; Mr ANSI says No! */

/* ANSI says we cant have void, its probably right :)
  replace_input_handler ((void *) cur_player->pager.old_handler); */

#define __STRICT_ANSI__
#include <netinet/in.h>
#undef __STRICT_ANSI__

/* ANSI says that...
  INP_HANDLER   *old_handler; */
  void          (*old_handler)(char *str);

WFLAGS  = -Wall -pedantic 

/* -pedantic says we have to change this :)
  char zonenames[numzon][15];
  char wizzonenames[numzon - num_const_zon][15]; */
  char zonenames[GLOBAL_MAX_ZONS][15];
  char wizzonenames[GLOBAL_MAX_ZONS][15];

    bprintf("Puff is permanently turned off\n");
/*  togglecom (SFL_NOPUFF, "NoPuff Enabled", "NoPuff Disabled"); */

n = vb - 2;                    /* Since VERB_NORTH = 2 etc....stupid */

  /* Stupid, parse_2, doesn't use vb, but we must give one */

/*        exit (1); */  /*  <---  Dunno why but commenting this out makes
                                  the help system work */

/* The help system doesn't always return the right help, so we will just
get the game to have a go at it three times, soooo profesional - Nalal */

    for (i=0;i<3;i++)

#ifdef _LINUX_                  /* Linux made it alot simpler */
      setpgrp ();               /* Make our own process group */

/* look!  i spelled 'atmosphere' correctly!  f, well i hope. i hope whoever's
fixing typos is having a kick arse time hehe */

        if ((cmd = tlookup (foo, commands)) >= 0) 
                goto justtopissofdale;
"Unknown group command, try 'group help' for more information.\n"