7DOF Classes
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Thief class:
Level required:18
Quest attached:Yes
Skills:Steal, Picklock, Assess

Base characteristics:

Physically thieves are less able than other classes, but they are still able to do heavy damage with a dagger. Magic is not of great consquence to a thief, but they are able to cast fireballs, and will grow in ability as their level increases. The thief is more financially astute than most other classes and can estimate very accurately how much money is being carried by other creatures in the game.

A competent thief should be able to relieve creatures of their objects, and find their way though doors that others would struggle with, so they oftentimes find treasure in unusual places. The Finder's Guild is always on the lookout for rare objects; who they belong to is of secondary importance. The Guild is off Death Row, next door to the Assassin's Guild. You'll often find armour especially suited for them within its walls, provided that you LOOK around carefully.